Mission Statement:

To be a leader in the business of sports surfaces offering the highest technical skills along with transparency in business practises hence offering the best value to its customer that desire international playing experiences none less than what the world experiences!

ModyWorld Enterprise is a group established in Bangalore since 1946 with global business experience over three generations. The company is headquartered out of Bangalore with offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Colombo and USA. With over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry and more than 1 million square meters of flooring installed, the group has over the past few years introduced into the Indian market, from Europe ,S.E.Asia and USA, some of the best Brands in flooring. Having established itself as one of the market leaders in the contract flooring business, the group naturally diversified into specialised flooring and thus began the world of Arena Sports Surfaces, a division of Devesh Sandeep & Co. Arena Sports Surfaces offers today to the market under one roof a complete range of sports surfaces suitable for International, National and recreational sports facilities. Arena brings to you International brands such as Limonta from Italy, Robbins from USA, Grabo from Hungary and Courtsol from France for various sporting facilities.
Technically qualified engineers offer to you some of the best technical solutions in the market. Trained installers will offer some of the latest installation techniques and more over three generations of experience will offer you some of the best business practices that keep our customers coming back to us over and over again!
With over 20 sales personel spread across the Country and with over 30 dealers representing us in various parts of the country Arena Sports Surfaces proudly boasts of a good network within India to be reached by all customers.

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