COURTSOL SYSTEM PRO is an acrylic 4-coats system applied on a supple rubber carpet glued to the surface. This coating is assigned to new construction or to the renovation of tennis courts and other sport-grounds.
COURTSOL COMFORT combines a 4 mm rubber carpet, 2 flexible intermediate coats and a wear resistant top coat, which provide an optimal comfort to the player by absorbing the shock waves. The obtained coating reduces notably the muscular fatigue of the player and the risks of muscular or ligamentar injuries.

Works : New or renovation. According to the XP P 90-110 French standard and the
Specifications for use of COURTSOL systems attached to the sale of this kind of products.
Site : exterior or interior.
Intended purposes : Tennis courts and sport-grounds of similar use.
Well prepared surfaces and in accordance with the standard XP P 90-110 or the Specifications FFT/FNCESEL :
Hot mix asphalt. Cold mix asphalt, exclusively indoor. Concrete according to NF P 90-202 in interior, or according to NF
P 74-203 in exterior, notably (standard completing mentioned references according to the COURTSOL Specifications).
Old compatible coatings perfectly adherent to the surface.

Note : Hot and cold mix asphalts (coated macadams) are different from poured asphalt which is excluded of the scope.

Being considered like dissociable element of construction equipment complies with the requirements of the XP P 90-110 French standard and with the specifications of the International Tennis Federation I.T.F. regulations. “Study Performance
Standards for Tennis Court Surfaces “.
Classified in Category 3 (Court Speed Medium). Reaction to fire on A1fl or A2fl classified substrate : Cfl-s1 classification in accordance with EN 13501-1 : 2007 (refer to
LNE report file K060572 -Document DE/12).
The coating to be applied at the site appeals to several products. It is not delivered like a work component to be incorporated
without modification. The durability of the systems, applied according to the recommendations and within the normal
conditions of maintenance, goes from 2 years to about 15 years depending on the surface being applied, their exposure and their environment. This wear life means a regular maintenance of the top coat and/or the regeneration of the coating (refer to
COURTSOL Specifications).

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