DecoflexTM-Soft Court

Premium cushioned Tennis Surfacing

The discerning tennis player will prefer the truly cushioned DecoflexTM SOFT COURT because it is so comfortable to play on. That is because DecoflexTM SOFT COURT incorporates a prefabricated rubber base mat which provides for real and permanent resiliency as well as force reduction, unlike hard courts. Player comfort is optimized as the base layer is made of a particular soft rubber resulting in a much desired degree of resiliency. This characteristic reduces the risk of injury to the player.

DecoflexTM SOFT COURT is manufactured to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials. The system incorporates a rubber base mat which is bonded to the prepared sub floor. It is finished with multiple applications of liquid rubber available in 6 great cvvvs.

The fact that the soft layer base is prefabricated to exacting density and tolerences, DecoflexTM SOFT COURT ensures a true ball bounce and constant speed. DecoflexTM SOFT COURT is rated by the international Tennis federation.

DecoflexTM SOFT COURT is hard wearing as well ensuring many years of uninterrupted use. Why is it so tough? Because the top surfaces made of a highly elastic and durable colored liquid rubber coating which resist deterioration, cracking and fading. The finish provides the perfect texture for the desired type of play.

This exclusive  DecoflexTM SOFT COURT offers unparallel true comfort like hard court surfaces as well as lasting performance with maintenance being minimal.

DecoflexTM – Sports surfacing systems

DecoflexTM multi-purpose sports surfacing systems consists of polymerically bound rubber particles and are specifically designed and engineered as all weather athletic surfaces.

DecoflexTM multi-purpose sports surfacing systems are ideally suited for the following all weather sports applications.


DecoflexTM multi-purpose sports surfacing systems are bound to the prepared sub surface as well as the build-up of the systems itself using only DecoflexTM adhesive.

DecoflexTM Adhesive is a high grab strength, two component high solid curing urethane adhesive which bonds tenaciously after curing.


DecoflexTM can be supplied in a multitude of colours either singularly or mixed to the choice of the customer. Standard colours are: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Signal-green, Brown, Capri-blue, Egg shell, Blue-grey, Lemon yellow and Grey.


SUITABLE FORMulti-purpose playingfields

Handball courts

Tennis courts

Badminton courts

Volleyball courts

Recreational grounds

Street courts

GREAT FEATURESPrefabricated rubber rollsEasy installation

Low maintenance

Water permeable

Fatigue proof

Comfortable and flexible

Tough synthetic EPDM rubber top surface


Wide range of colours


DecoflexTM – Athletic Track Surfacing

DecoflexTM multi-purpose sports surfacing DecoflexTM Athletic Track Surfacing are designed and built for the most demanding athletic conditions. For top sports events or economical training facilities, the SW14, D14 and T14 systems all meet the requirements of the IAAF performance specifications for synthetic surfaced athletic tracks. Both the Sw14 and T14 systems are IAAF certified.


  • Base mat is prefabricated rubber roll which is bonded to the sub-base with 2-comp. polyurethane adhesive
  • Prefabricated base mat rubber roll width is 1.22m (4’) to match the lane width.
  • Sealer, structure spray and wear coatings are totally seamless in appearance
  • Top layers are made of tough colored EPDM rubber

DecoflexTM is fully adhered to the substrate with our proprietary adhesive. Structure spray and wear coat applications require installation expertise. Only Rephouse appointed applicators can best perform this installation.

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